We’re all about bringing your home to life. You don’t need to see all the behind the scenes that make your house run, that’s our job, so you can kick off your shoes and hang out a while.  

THE FAT: I'm the son of an electrical contractor and grew up watching and working with my dad as he ran a successful business. He was a parent and husband who still found time to serve at church and collect old cars and tractors for fun. It’s no surprise I’m always busy starting a new project around the house; sitting still is hard for me.  

THE SKINNY: College led me on a career path to work for the Greensboro Police Department, which I enjoyed for the next twelve years. However, the politics, and starting a new family made me realize I needed to get back to my roots. My dad was looking to slow his business down and it just seemed like the right time to start my own electrical business. So, I guess you could say the rest is history.  

Owner, tech savvy, Dad

I'm Brad

Nice to meet you!

Hands down the best thing that ever happened to me was being introduced to the most beautiful, sweetest, funniest blonde girl.. we blended our families into one and now my life feels complete.  

My people


I know it sounds fru-fru but add a cold corona and some good chips and salsa, and well….#Margaritaville


04. Love a good

Coast to coast, east or west, life is just better with white sand, clear water and palm trees!

the beach

03. my happy place

It really makes all the difference in a home. In most cases less is more, except when it comes to lighting. It sets the mood, and can really change your space.  

Great Lighting

02. really love

I’m always inspired by a change of scenery. The culture, people, food, pace. I always return energized and ready to work hard, so I can do it all again.

Someplace new

01. inspired by



a few of our

“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination what whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”-Vince Lombardi

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